Death By Champagne

Here to keep you up at night with coverage of macabre murders, haunting cold cases, possessions, conspiracies, and all things occult.

EP 70 - Things Are Getting Very Heated

January 17th, 2020
Welcome back to Death by Champagne, the podcast here to keep you up at night! This week Liv starts us off with an old case but a very important case. It involves Thomas Brady who was charged and convicted of murder. His case is the one we can thank for the Brady Violations being put into effect. Mack takes us to London and covers the Thames Torso Murders. She covers a span of history where body parts where coming up all over London, and the particular set that Mack dives into most likely had nothing to do with Jack the Ripper.
This episode contains foul language, topics regarding murder, child murder, and some really graphic body mutilation discussions. We’ll do our best to stay on track, but the bottles are popped!
Brady Violations
Long Reads Article by Thomas Dybdahl