Death By Champagne

Here to keep you up at night with coverage of macabre murders, haunting cold cases, possessions, conspiracies, and all things occult.

EP 51 - Funnel Cake is Peak

August 9th, 2019
Welcome back to Death by Champagne, the podcast here to keep you up at night! This week Mack takes us to the Iowa state fair, and shares the horribly sad murders of Bobie and Marilyn Blewer, and the investigation that would lead police to their killer. Liv takes us to the Appalachian Trail and cover two of the twelve murders that have happened on the trail. She shares the murder of Geoff Hood and Molly Larue.
This episode contains foul language, discussions about murder, rape, and just some general sad stories. We’ll do our best to stay on track, but the bottles are popped!