Death By Champagne

Here to keep you up at night with coverage of macabre murders, haunting cold cases, possessions, conspiracies, and all things occult.

EP 40 - You Too Can Raise Grandma From The Dead

March 22nd, 2019

Hey guys, welcome to Death by Champagne the podcast here to keep you up at night! This week Liv gives you a bit of history and a bit of how to about the dark art of necromancy.  Mack brings us a really gross story about the psychology surrounding cannibalism and the horrifying things the Ali brothers were doing in Bhakkar.

This episode is a stomach churner and not for the squeamish, it contains foul language, chill inducing details about raising the dead, and graphic discussions of cannibalism. We’ll do our best to stay on track, but the bottles are popped!