Death By Champagne

Here to keep you up at night with coverage of macabre murders, haunting cold cases, possessions, conspiracies, and all things occult.

Ep 28 - It’s a Loose Eyeball Situation

November 30th, 2018

Welcome to Death by Champagne, the podcast here to keep you up at night! This week we are back to bring you a continuation of our last week’s Occult episode, all about werewolves.  During our initial research we were amazed to find out there were werewolf trials throughout Europe that were much larger scale than the witch trials of Salem, Massachusetts so we had to tell you more.  Mack and Liv cover these werewolf trials during the 14th to 17th centuries, how they started,ulterior motives, and gruesome tales of real life werewolves and their crimes.

This episode contains foul language, discussions about body horror, child mutilation, religion, and disturbing details concerning mental illness. We’ll do our best to stay on track, but the bottles are popped!