Death By Champagne

Here to keep you up at night with coverage of macabre murders, haunting cold cases, possessions, conspiracies, and all things occult.

EP 24 - It’s A Chop Job

November 2nd, 2018

Welcome to Death by Champagne, the podcast here to keep you up at night! This week we cover true crime topic Murders that happened on Halloween Night.  Mack covers the murder of Maria Ciallella, and the other cold-blooded slayings carried out by the Jersey Shore Thrill Killer. Olivia basically covers a real-life slasher film, and tells us the chilling story of Leslie Mazzara and Adrienne Insogna, and survivor Lauren Meanza.

This episode contains foul language, discussions that include body horror, and pretty much every woman’s worst nightmare. It’s an intense one - we strongly recommend listening during the day if you live alone. We’ll do our best to stay on track, but the bottles are popped!